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Pg_hba.conf file

A default file is installed when the data directory is initialized by initdb. It is possible to place the authentication configuration file elsewhere. Client authentication is controlled by a configuration file, which traditionally is named and is stored in the database cluster's data directory. Entries in the file control network authentication and authorization. The file on the PEM server host must allow connections between. can appear in many other places depending on how Pg Then check the PG_VERSION file in the same directory to make sure. In fact, the only way you can receive this file is when somebody else will run initdb on his machine and send the file to you by email or via some. We mentioned earlier in this section that the file enables client authentication between the PostgreSQL server and the client application. This file .

After saving file you should restart server with new configuration just run pgAdmin and choose Reload configuration in Tools. Alter the file to allow the PostgreSQL database cluster to accept client connections. Your xTuple database runs on a PostgreSQL server, access to which is controlled by a file called That file is described here.


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