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Uml basics ppt

Introduction to UML. What is UML? Motivations for UML; Types of UML diagrams; UML syntax; Descriptions of the various diagram types. Rational Rose and. UML & Together tutorial. Hong Qing Yu 10/ 2. Tutorial contents. UML basic; Use case diagram; Class diagram; Activity diagram; Sequence diagram. UML diagrams. Use-Case. Static Structure. State. Activity. Interaction. Implementation. Object. Class. Sequence. Collaboration. Component. Deployment.

8 Apr UML Use case diagrams (fulfill purposed functionality) Class diagrams ( depict static view and relationship) Object diagrams (depict. what the UML is and what is it not; UML's basic constructs, rules and diagram techniques; how the UML can model large, complex systems; how the UML can. Abstraction and Modeling; Decomposition; Hierarchy. Introduction into the UML notation; First pass on: Use case diagrams; Class diagrams; Sequence diagrams .

Class diagrams and class forms; Use Case Diagrams; Sequence (Event) Diagram; State Diagrams. An example. UML: Unified Modeling Language. Developed. Unified Modeling Language (UML). An effort by IBM (Rational) – OMG to standardize OOA&D notation. Combine the best of the best from. Data Modeling ( Entity. Part II: Behavioral Diagrams. 2. 3 basic building blocks of UML - Diagrams. Graphical .. (


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